Tuesday, September 13, 2011

[CLOSED] Blog Design + Giveaway!

So if you have been on my blog lately then you have probably noticed it got a complete MAKEOVER! I’m so happy with how it turned out, I think it looks adorable and the design fits me perfectly. My blog was designed by the very talented Lee from Designs By Lee. She does all types of digital cards/announcements for Birthdays, Births, Engagements, Baby Showers, Save the Date, Anniversary's, Graduations and anything else. She also designs blogs and can even design etsy shops. She does custom logos & business cards and is available to do photo enhancement/retouching. Lee is a stay at home mom (for the time being) raising 2 little girls. She fell in love with photoshop about 7 years ago and loves what she’s been doing ever since.

When I began looking into blog designers I learned that getting a custom design for your blog can be very pricey! But Lee’s shop offers blog packages starting at $30 and blog banners at $15. I think that is a real deal especially considering how cute the designs are.

Having Lee work on my blog makeover was amazing, she listened to every idea I had and was always willing to change anything I didn’t like. She sent me various designs until I was completely pleased. She was always kind and patient, so the customer service for this shop was definitely top notch. I think that is SUCH an important aspect that should always be taken into account when you are shopping for something.

I am so in love with how my blog looks now, it’s so much more personal and beyond cute. ( I must confess I often just log on to scroll up and down the blog and see how pretty it looks, I know I’m such a dork!) If you are looking for any type of designs whether it be for your blog or something else I personally recommend Designs By Lee.

So I also have some really exciting news to tell you! Lee has offered to do a custom blog design for one of my lovely readers! How amazing is that?

One of you will be able to win a custom design for your blog!

How to enter-

Mandatory entries:
· You must be a follower on my blog to qualify
· You must follow the Designs by Lee blog

Extra entries:
· Follow me on twitter(+1)
· Tweet about the giveaway and leave link (+1)
· Post the giveaway image on your sidebar (+3 )
· Visit Lee’s Etsy shop and tell me your favorite item (+2)
· Subscribe to my Youtube Channel (no videos yet but there will be some up soon) (+1)

P.s: My ForgoodnessGrape giveaway ended today and I had a whoping 200 comments! Thank you to everyone that entered, due the number of entries it will take me a bit of time to get them organized so the winner will be announced on Saturday!



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  2. GFC Name: Rachel
    Twitter: @AbelleKingsley
    Tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/AbelleKingsley/status/113812020566032384
    Blog: http://www.wethrowrocksatcars.blogspot.com

    I like the graduation announcements, I'm graduating this year :)

    Youtube: fredtheleaf

    Email: fred_the_leaf@yahoo.com


    P.S. When does the giveaway end?

  3. GfC- g3pinkii (I follow Both you and lee)

    Twitter- http://twitter.com/#!/g3lakmini]

    Tweet- http://twitter.com/#!/g3lakmini/status/113874834760536064

    sidebar -http://the-bug-g3pinkii.blogspot.com/

    I like the birthday girl Invitation

    youtube- g3frog


  4. Follow both blogs =Lyudmila
    I like the Custom Blog Design Package No. 1
    Youtube name: lusizova
    lusizova at gmail.com

  5. I'm following both blogs! GFC: Claire Elise
    Email: feelingorgeous@gmail.com

  6. GFC : Bebe

    Followed Designs by Lee : Bebe

    Follow on Twitter : Bebe @pllee88

    Tweet link : https://twitter.com/#!/pllee88/status/114159902355755009

    Blog sidebar : http://bebe2003.blogspot.com/

    My favorite item is Custom Blog Design Package No. 1

    Subscribed to Youtube : MyLoveBabyYS

  7. GFC-anna_k67

    -following on twitter-annakul


    -like the Custom Blog Design Package No. 1

    -subscriber on youtube -annak847

    anna_k67 at yahoo dot com

  8. Thank you for having this giveaway ^^

    GFC Follower: Ms Lizzie Lizzie
    (followed both you and Lee:D)

    ~I followed you on Twitter as @ms7may
    ~Posted this on my sidebar @ lizzieness07.blogspot.com
    ~My favorite item from Lee's Etsy is Custom Blog Design Package No. 3
    ~I suscribed to your YouTube channel as @ms7may

    Hope to see some of your videos soon ^^


  9. GFC: Thakitty

    email: thakitty90@gmail.com

  10. Such an amazing giveaway! :)

    - GFC - Bow Tied Beauty (Following both you and Lee)

    - Favourite item is definitely Custom Blog Design Package No.1

    - Giveaway is also on my sidebar :) - http://bowtiedbeauty.blogspot.com/

    Email - bowtiedbeauty@hotmail.co.uk


  11. I am following you both on Google Friend Connect :D Username: Timbo Squad

    Please feel free to contact me at - sales4545 at gmail dot com

  12. I am following you on Twitter :D @TimboSquad

    Please feel free to contact me at - sales4545 at gmail dot com

  13. I just tweeted this giveaway here :D


    Please feel free to contact me at - sales4545 at gmail dot com

  14. The package that I like the best from her shop is the Custom Blog Design Package No. 3 :D

    Please feel free to contact me at - sales4545 at gmail dot com


  15. The package that I like the best from her shop is the Custom Blog Design Package No. 3 :D

    Please feel free to contact me at - sales4545 at gmail dot com


  16. Unsure if this giveaway is still open so if it is then I am a new blog follower (AlishaD)

    leashae18 at gmail dot com

  17. Oh and I also follow Lee's blog as well!

  18. Yes I announced the winner a couple of posts ago, I have already contacted her!


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