Monday, May 9, 2011

Clinique 3 Step System!

So I decided it was time to try some higher end products on my skin since I have always used drugstore ones. I have oily skin and I use to have acne :s. Thank God and my dermatologist that's not the case anymore. However I still have some blackheads, large pores and I get shiny. I had heard nothing but good things about Clinique so I decided to try it out.

I got the liquid facial soap oily skin formula
The Clarifying Lotion # 2 ( oily skins should use #3 but mine is sensitive so I got #2 because the other one could be too harsh)
And I got the dramatically different moisturizing gel

I got this little brocheure at the Clinique Counter that has a list of the expected results according to how long you have been using the product for.
It claims that after one day skin should feel fresher and softer. I did feel this. The liquid soap kind of tingles on my face which feels really nice! The toner will kind sting the first couple of times you use it but afterwards you don't really feel anything.

What you should see on skin after 1 week ( according to Clinique) :
*Softer skin (yes, thanks to the moisturizer.. I love it! leaves skin sooo soft)
* Less shine on the skin by noon ( yes)
* Less visible pores (yes, but only a little)
* Make-up last fresher longer (no)

What you should see on Skin after 2 weeks (according to Clinique)
*Face stays shine-free all day long ( kind of, I have noticed my skin is less shiny but not completly shine-free)
* Pores look much less visible (yes)

So I have been using this for about a month now and I do really like it. I enjoy doing the sytem and although sometimes at night I don't really feel like it I make myself go and do all the steps. I do them rather quickly now. My favorite part is the liquid soap because it feels soo good!
I will do more updates when more time has passed.

* Update:
Check out my updated review here:

Love&Kisses from Vanilla Pop <3


  1. I love the clarifying lotion 2. I'm still using one of my big bottles, it lasts for ages!

  2. Thank you for entering the giveaway! Good luck ^-^

  3. everyone seems to get good results by using clinique except for me for some strange reason, i found cetaphil really good for my skin. nice blog, im following you, follow back? x


  4. Please do let me know how you feel about it in a few more months; I've been using it for quite a while and it seems like my skin has gotten used to it, it doesn't really do much for me anymore. I'm probably going to try some Estee Lauder products next, they actually own Clinique and they are also known for their fantastic skincare lines. Maybe I should just try some new Clinique products to switch it up, though?

  5. Little update:
    I have been noticing the same thing, I kinda feel like it isn't doing much for my skin anymore! I am halfway through the bottles and my skin does not seem to be improving! I decided to try out the anti-blemish clarifying lotion and I'll be doing a review on it soon.

  6. yo usé esto por un tiempo, pero me dio alergia =/.

  7. I love this! I use it also, except with the 2nd clarifying lotion. BTW I voted for you =-)


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