Sunday, November 25, 2012

So it's beggining to look alot like christmas...which means the holiday shopping season has kicked off!

Makeup brands come out with gorgeous holiday collections this time of year and I thought I would share some of my favorites! So this is going to be my little Holiday Beauty Wishlist...hope you enjoy and get inspired for your own christmas wishlist :)

1. Tarte
This year Tarte really impressed me with their Holiday collection, there are great sets at great prices, all nicely packaged!

Tarte - 5-Piece LipSurgence™ Collector's Set  Check it out here

Tarte - Eye Catchers 6-Piece SmolderEYES™ And Skinny SmolderEYES™ Collector's Set Check it out here
Tarte - Carried Away Collector's Set Check it out here
* Last one is my fave!! <333

2. Urban Decay:
Alot of you may already have this, but if you don't then I think you can agree this is a must have on any wishlist this christmas!

Urban Decay - Naked2 Check it out here
3. Benefit:
I am a huge fan of Benefit, it's actually my favorite high end makeup brand. They are known for their great sets in the cutest packaging...but for some reason I don't really feel drawn to alot of their stuff this year. I feel like they keep using the deluxe sample size of the same product, and to be honest there is only so many mini high beam highlighters a girl can stand!
Here are the ones I did like though:

Benefit Cosmetics - How To Look The Best At Everything Check it out here
Benefit Cosmetics - High Flyin’ GlossesCheck it out here
Benefit Cosmetics - Coral My World! Check it out here
* I really appreciate them using sun beam and NOT high beam there!

I have never actually tried this brand, but as soon as I saw this set I fell in love! I need this in my collection.
LORAC - Eye Candy Full Face Collection Check it out here

This year MAC came out with the cutest little holiday sets. The packaging for everything is truely adorable and you really get your money's worth.
  Check it out here
Primped Out Lip Look Bag: Luxurious Pink    Check it out here
 Check it out here
 Check it out here

Be sure to let me know what your favorite of all these sets was! Also let me know any other good products I should add to my list :)


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Free Template for DIY Scarf!

I put together a little template for you all so you don't have to waste time looking for shapes.
 All you have to do is save the image below to your computer and print it out. I hope you enjoy!


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Herbal Hair Rinses ( One for EVERY hair Problem! )

Hey Ladies!

Today's post is all about Hair! I'm going to be sharing a recipe for a hair rinse and different variations to it that you can do according to your specific hair needs.

So you might be wondering what exactly is a hair rinse?
 It's something that you pour on your hair after it has been washed and is still wet, you leave it on for 5 minutes and wash it out to reveal soft, silky hair. Also it's ALL NATURAL...and that's always a great bonus!

What You Need:

* Measuring Cup (microwave safe)
* Spoon
* Herb Sachet with your Herb of choice ( read below for this)
* 1 Cup of Water
* Plastic Container (for storing)

How To Make It:

1. Place your herbal tea bag or sachet in the measuring cup and add the cup of water.
2. Microwave for two minutes and let it sit until it cools.
3. Stir the mixture and then remove the sachet or bag.
4. Now just pour it into your container and it's ready to use.

How to Use it:

Pour the rinse into wet hair and let it sit anywhere from 5-10 minutes. Lightly rinse it out with water.
If you have any leftover product be sure to store it in the fridge.

Now on to the good stuff...the herbs!

 To make your herb sachet all you have to do get either a small circle of cheesecloth or a coffee filter and place dried herbs in the middle. Then just tie it off with some string or a rubber band and you're good to go.

* You could also use a store bought tea bag in you find it in your desired herb.

So what kind of herbs should you use?

Well, it really all depends on what you are looking for your is a list of a great selection of herbs and what each will do for you!

Energizes your hair and can even help it to grow faster.

Soothing to your scalp, makes hair grow shiny and healthy. Can help brighten up blond and red hair.

Lemon Balm:
Leaves your hair with an amazing citrus fragrance. Help to freshen it.

Excelent at relieving an itchy scalp.

Enriches darker hair colors. Helps to control dandruff.

Supercleans oily hair. heals damaged hair.

* pictures included are of the plant, not the sure you are buying the dried herb version of what you choose
 recipe from the book: The Girls' Spa Book

Let me know in the comments which herb you would choose!


Monday, June 4, 2012

DIY: Summer Scrub ( for smooth skin this bikini season)

Summertime calls for showing off your skin! Whether you're going to be hitting the beach in that new bikini or rocking some shorts you need smooth skin and I've got just the thing for that. It's a Floral Summer Scrub!
It has really simple ingredients that you most likely have lying around your house.

What You Need:
* Coconut Oil
* Flower Petals ( it can be any kind of flower, just whatever smells best to you because this will add a nice fragrance to the scrub)
* Brown Sugar
* Almond Oil

How To Make It:

Depending on the size of the container you are working with you are going to follow a simple rule of three. Three equal layers.
Layer 1: Coconut Oil
Layer 2: Flower petals
Layer 3: Brown sugar/ almond oil combo.

So simply add you coconut oil. Follow that with some flowers petals and add some brown sugar on top. Now just drizzle your almond oil on top of that and that's it! A super simple Floral Summer Scrub.
This is best if made in advance so the ingedients have time to marinate together. I like to make mine the night before I use it.

* When you are ready to use it just grab a spoon and mash it all up then just slather on and enjoy soft, smooth skin ready for summer!

** I was inspired to make this scrub by a post I saw on The Beauty Department

Let me know what you think of this in the comments below!

Guess who is back?!? ( For good!)

Hey there!
Remember me? I use to post frequently, I use to live, eat and breath this blog! Then I kind of abandoned it :(
And for that I am really sorry. I started to have less and less free time which made it really difficult to keep up with my blog and my youtube channel at the same time. So I started only posting now and then, I stopped getting weekly giveaways for you guys and I just lost my dedication for Vanilla Pop.
I feel really bad that I let that happen because this blog was born out of pure love and I worked really hard to get it as it is now. So I refuse to let everything go to waste and I am happy to announce that I am back!
I am back at posting regularly, back at getting giveaways for you and definitely back at being totally dedicated to Vanilla Pop.
Sorry for that wierd period of only posting now and then and I hope you are all as excited as I am to get things back to how they were!

I love you all and thank you for sticking with me through everything!


Friday, May 25, 2012

GIVEAWAY! ( Skin & Lips) UNA Biologicals

Hey there! I'm really excited to be announcing a giveaway for you guys! This is a Youtube giveaway so be sure to CLICK HERE to enter! (rules below)
The prizes for this giveaway are from a great shop called Una Biologicals. They offer products that help you with the overall well being of your body. In this shop you will be able to find anything from skincare items, lip balms, body care products and even tea blends!

Here are some of the things that really stand out to me from the shop:
Lavander Fields Luxe Face Cream:
Lavender Fields is formulated for combination to oily skin. This cream utilizes lavender's beneficial properties to help balance skin oils, keeping your skin soft and glowing. 

Summer Citrus Lip Balm:
Organic shea butter and Organic virgin coconut oil are combined with Organic calendula extract to ensure soft kissable lips year round. 

Revitalize Tea:
Refresh and revitalize yourself with 100% Organic lemon grass, ginger, mint & zesty organic citrus. 
This tea is great for any time of day. The peppermint and ginger will give you a caffeine free boost to keep you going, yet it's soothing enough to relax with at the end of the day.

Choco-licious Mask & Scrub:
A decadent facial scrub and masque, Choco-licious gently exfoliates and deep cleans with nutrient rich organic cocoa and Rhassoul Clay from Morocco. Organic roses and lavender petals help reduce redness and balance oils for overall healthy, happy skin
Appropriate for all skin types.

Gift Bags! :
You will find a huge selection of cute gift bags filled with tons of SPA goodies! 

Be sure to head on over to Una Biologicals so you can see for yourself all the great things they have to offer. 

Now for the giveaway!
You will have the chance to win Una Biological's #1 Best Selling Product: a Luxe Cream. This is a decadent moisturizer made with all natural ingredients that will do wonders for your skin. 
You will also be recieving a Lip Balm of your choice!

The rules are really simple:

1. Must be Subscribed to My Youtube Channel
2. Must LIKE the Una Biologicals Facebook Page
3. Go to the Una Biologicals Website and pick the flavor of lip balm you would like to win, leave it in a comment on the video

Be sure to Enter for a chance to try out these amazing products!


Sunday, April 22, 2012

1 Year Blog Anniversary!

I really never thought I would be writing this post. One entire year of blogging! I really can't belive it, I'm so happy :) I would like to thank every single one of my followers, the ones who have been with me from the start, the new ones, ALL OF YOU! You are what make this blog what it is. I want to thank you for a year of sweet comments and support. It truly does make me feel special!
To celebrate I will be having a 1 Year Anniversary giveaway this week!
As well as two other giveaways I will be sharing with you soon.

Again, thank you all so much for this amazing year. Lets make the next one even better!


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