About me

My name is Carolina. I have a real passion for all things beauty. I got into the blogging world in order to offer readers a place filled with everything you would want and need to know about beauty. Whether you are interested in skin, hair, makeup or anything else along those lines you will find it here!

I think it’s essential to know all about products before we go out and buy them so helpful product reviews are frequent on this blog. I also enjoy making things myself, so you will find an assortment of DIY beauty products that often work better than store bought. Make-up and hair tutorials are really fun so expect to see some here. I also like to incorporate another passion of mine, fashion! Trends, outfit ideas and other fashion topics are often included.

 The beauty world is a big one, but here you will find tips that make everything so much easier. If you enjoy all things beauty then you are in for a treat!

"Beauty is self-confidence applied directly to the face"

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