Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Beauty tip of the week: Fix a bad hair day!

We all have days when our hair really just doesn’t want to collaborate with us. So for this week’s tip I put together some different styles that can help you hide your bad hair day.

1. Cute Headband!
A bold bright headband stands out, it takes attention away from your misbehaved locks and helps you to gain a bit of control by pushing back some bad looking strands. I adore headbands, I think they are such an easy way to add a bit of style to your hair. Think Blair from Gossip Girl!

2. Teased Pony!So putting your hair up in a pony tail is an obvious fix for a bad hair day, but style it a bit more and it will look so much better. Add a little teased bump to make your pony more flirty, also wrap a strand of hair around your hair tie to hide it and look extra chic

3. Cute Hat!
A cute knit hat looks chic and can help you hide a halo of frizz! It’s also perfect since Fall and Winter are right around the corner. Leave out your bangs to frame your face and avoid the look of a shower cap. You could also do a side pony or side braid and then a hat, I love that look!

4. Loose side bun!
A low side bun is pretty and simple. A super quick way to style your hair when it won’t cooaperate with you.

5. Pinned Back Bangs!
Are your bangs misbehaving? Bobby-pin them back into a mini half-up do. You could also French braid them like Lauren Conrad. I learned how to do it on youtube and it’s now one of my signature looks!

Hopefully these tips will come in handy when you wake up to a huge mess of hair!
What do you do on a bad hair day? Let me know J

XOXO Vanilla Pop <3


  1. cute ideas!! i will sure to try them out :)

  2. I definitely use hats the most when my hair is misbehaving during colder seasons. x) It has become my lifesaver!

  3. good tips! :) I always have a knitted hat handy for fall/winter as they go so well with most outfits, but also because they're so warm.



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  5. Great tips, I need to wear hair accessories more often :)

    Love Christine ♥


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