Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Detox Diet for glowing skin!

Now a days we eat so many over processed food and lots of other junk that our bodies become very needy of a detox to get rid of all the waste. An unhealthy diet can really take a toll on your skin, so detoxing is a great idea if you are facing any skin problems. I found a great website with a detox diet targeted at improving your skin condition. It's a 3 day program and it involves making alot of fresh juices with tons of fruit and veggies.

This weekend I gave the detox diet a go and had great results! I feel alot more energy and I can see an improvement in my skin :)

I wanted to post all the steps I followed on here, but to avoid any copyright issues I will just give you the link to the site were I got the diet from:

I will however give you some basic guide lines:

1. Drink alot of water!
2. Don't worry if you feel kind of tired the first day, this is because you are getting much less calories which means much less energy.
3. Avoid too much phisical activity
4. Follow all the steps
5. Copy the text to a word document and print it out, take this with you shopping so you get everything you need, also keep it handy when you are preparing the foods

This gave me great results!
Have you ever done a detox diet?

XOXO Vanilla Pop <3

photo courtesy of health.com


  1. I've heard of detox diet and it definitely works. However...I don't exactly agree with the first day or even a 3 day system. Drinking water is always a given, but spending the entire first day drinking water and eating some fruit is just a bad idea. Instead, eating fresh meat or just organic food is already a good idea. This 3 step program is kind of an extreme version of what we always hear: drink lots of water and eat lots of fruit. What you really have to do is just drink lots of water along with your average meals and have fruits for snacks and dessert! :)

  2. I've always wanted to try a detox. It's amazing what a good diet can do for your skin!


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