Sunday, August 7, 2011

July Favorites!

My favorite products for the month of July!

Maybelline "The Turbo Volume Express" mascara:

My favorite brand of drugstore mascaras in Maybelline, and this mascara reminded me of why. My lashes don’t clump at all and look really long with this mascara. It doesn’t make them fuller but since I have naturally full lashes that doesn’t really bother me. It makes my look more intense and awake.

Lancome "Bienfait Multi-Vital Teinte" Spf 30 tinted moisturizer:

I’ve had this for a while but I whipped it out just in time for summer. I like the texture and when I wear this I feel like I have nothing on. It gives me MUCH better coverage than your average tinted moisturizer! Right after I put it on it makes my face look shiny but it’s nothing some setting powder can’t take care of. This is great for someone who want to wear something light but with a bit of coverage.

Ralph Lauren "Hot" perfume:

This perfume has been around for a couple of years but I had never tried it. I was at a perfume shop and was attracted to the bottle because of the pretty purple color. I smelled it and loved it! Right when I smell it I get a scent of coconut, which just happens to be my second favorite scent (you can probably tell by my blog name which is my first favorite J ). After a while you get kind of a mocha, musky sort of scent. I can’t describe really well but I know it smells great because every time I wear it get compliments on how good I smell!

Rose water:

I have oily skin but when I use many harsh products on my face I tends to dry in a bit. I spritz my face with rose water and problem solved! I read somewhere that rose water is great for setting your makeup so I decided to try it out. When I use it as a setting spray I find that my makeup looks dewy and fresh.

Suave Naturals "Tropical Coconut" conditioner:

By far the BEST smelling conditioner I have ever owned! I love this product for o so many reasons. First of all it’s crazy cheap yet works. The bottle is huge so it will last for a while and it has an amazing coconut scent. I actually use this as a leave-in conditioner. After I have washed my hair I get a dime sized amount of this and put it through my hair. It moisturizes it really great, makes it soft, and the scent lingers in my hair for most of the day!

Song favorite of the month:

Help by the Beatles:

I listened to this song non stop in July and even used it as my ringtone.

Have you tried any of these products?

What was your favorite song last month?

XOXO Vanilla Pop <3



  1. I have not tried any of your products, but as for mascara, I prefer L'Oreal :)
    Check out my July faves if you'd like:

  2. I've tried suave already! and love their shampoo =D

    btw, Can I invite you to join my GIVEAWAY, pretty please? ^^
    The prize are korean bb creams and bubble cleansing foam, hope you want to check it out on my blog :)

    here's the link:

  3. oohh I've always wanted to try a BB cream! I'm gonna enter :)

  4. I've heard such good things about all of the Ralph Lauren perfumes. I'm going to have to try one! My favorite song of last month was probably Rolling in the Deep by Adele. :)



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