Friday, August 12, 2011

Frizz Free Hair!

I thought I would share my latest natural hair mask discovery. This hair mask is super easy to make since you will only need two ingredients. It will leave your hair frizz free for about a week! And no I'm not kidding, it really is a great mask.

1/2 cup of honey

1 cup of yogurt

Mix the two together and apply to your hair. Leave on for at least 30 minutes. Repeat weekly to maintain results.

Why it works:
Yogurt has protein which will help to stengthen and moisturize your hair taming those pesky fly-aways by smoothing your strands.
Honey is great at moisturizing and giving some extra shine to your hair!

This is one of my favorite natural hair masks and one of the ones I use most often.
What do you use in your hair to fight frizz?

P.s. Keep your heads up because ANOTHER GIVEAWAY is coming very soon!

XOXO Vanilla Pop <3


  1. I have super frizzy hair when its natural! I think i might try this out! Thankks!! :)

  2. Yeah you really should try it, since my hair is curly it tends to get really frizzy but this mask helps a ton!

  3. I probably won't use it because I don't have frizzy hair but I'd eat it ;3

  4. lol! I must admit I have dipped my finger in it while making it!

  5. Ohhh Great post!!! Thanks for Sharing :) I MUST give it a try sometimes.


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