Monday, August 29, 2011

Almay intetense i-Color palette Trio for hazels: Review and swatches!

This is one of my favorite palettes that I own. I love the color combo because the shades just go so well together.

My favorite shade of the three is the gorgeous sparkly champagne color. I use it ALL the time to highlight my brow bone and cheek bones. I would seriously buy the whole palette just for this color.

No flash Swatch

Flash swatch

The next color is a very cool brown. It adds a lot of depth to the look when applied to the crease.

No flash swatch

Flash swatch

This pink is really light. I wish it was more pigmented; it really takes a lot to build up the shade.

No flash Swatch

Flash swatch

I’ve been working on some looks using this palette! I’ll put up those tutorials soon.

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  1. Oddly, I've never even tried anything from Almay, but this looks very pretty! ^_^

  2. All of those colors look really nice.


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