Saturday, August 27, 2011

How healthy is your hair? Find out in 3 easy steps!

The hair health test!
Are wondering if your hair is healthy? Take this test to find out:
1. Pull out one strand of hair. Grab it between your thumb and index finger, hold it fairly taut. Now pull it apart a bit more. If it snaps immediately your hair could be too dry. If it stretches a bit and then bounces back your hair is pretty healthy. If it stretches a little bit and doesn’t bounce back to its original shape, it is a little dry and damaged, but don’t worry, not beyond repair.

My results: My hair snapped! The two pieces of hair looked pretty nasty where they had snapped. Take a look at this pic: Guess I have to continue moisturizing my hair A LOT!

2. Pull out one strand of your hair. Fill a glass with water and drop your hair into it. If it sinks to the bottom, that means your locks are parched. A regular strand should float on top because it’s fully hydrated, therefore it can’t absorb any more moisture. A strand that sinks is so dry that it drinks up H2O from the glass.
My results: My strand floated! Yay!
You can hardly notice it in this picture, but maybe if you look really hard you will see it floating on top.

1. Pull out one last strand. Grab a sewing needle and try to thread the strand through the eye. do this with the end not the root part of the hair. If it goes through with no problem your hair is in good shape. If it gets snagged, it means your hair cuticle is damaged and frayed or that you have split ends.
My results: My strand went right through, no problem.

So in conclusion my hair is pretty healthy, just a bit on the dry side. But I can definitely work with that, I will just continue to deep condition twice a week with some of my favorite hair masks (see here). I am marking my calendar so I can do this again 3 months from now and see how my hair is doing then. I will keep you updated.

Take this little test and share your results with me! It really doesn’t take long and it’s a great way to measure the condition of your hair.

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  1. This is actually really helpful! Lol I'm gonna try it out later. My hair feels it needs tons of moisturizers haha

  2. yay! my hair is healthy! :) great post!

  3. This was a pretty helpful post. My hair didn't snap, but it didn't bounce back. :< Certainly needs some work!

  4. Thanks for the tip, I'm going to try this! :)


  5. Great tips, and I love the new look of the blog!

  6. I passed all 3 tests =-)


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