Thursday, April 21, 2011

Let the fun begin!

Hi! My name is Carolina. I am a total beauty lover<3. I have always loved it ever since I can remember. From back when I was a little girl dressing and styling my barbies! I seriously remember putting so much thought into making the perfect outfit for them along with a cute hairstyle. As I grew up I continued to enjoy all things beauty and fashion. I already had a huge collection of fashion magazines at the age of 10. I have always been a girly girl who loves make-up, perfumes, accesories, and shopping! I really enjoy taking care of myself in aspects such as skin and hair. I had a short battle with acne when I was 15, but it really tought me to take good care of my skin. I'm not quite done growning up yet, but I'm sure that as I do my passion for all things beauty will also continue to flourish!

Vanilla Pop will be a space to share tutorials, fashion ideas, make-up looks, product reviews and lots of other fun stuff! Enjoy :)

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