Monday, November 21, 2011

❄Holiday Giveaway!❄

Giveaway time once again!

There are two reasons for this giveaway, first of all the holidays are coming up and I want one of you to get a little gift from me ;) Also I reached 100 subscribers on my Youtube channel and I wanted to celebrate!


Cute headband! This is one of the headbands I will be selling in my soon to open Etsy Shop! I will be talking more about this soon! You will also get a cute little heart key charm, I will be giving these as a free gift with purchase on my Etsy shop. You can use it on a necklace, charm bracelet ect. !
Beautiful Heart and Glass bead earrings!
Adorable Bow Red Purse! I am in love with this handbag!
In love <3
Looks amazing!
Super Cute Brush roll from Vanessa Dixon Designs!
She has tons of different designs of brush rolls at great prices!
How to enter:
The entry for this giveaway is actually on Youtube. Check out the video for another look at the prizes and more details about the giveaway!

To enter you must-
* Be subscribed to my Youtube Channel
* Like the video
* Comment telling me a video request

Everyone who follows my blog will recieve an extra entry! Which means all of my wonderful blog followers already have an extra entry, all you have to do is leave a second comment with your GFC name.

Hope you guys like this giveaway! CLICK HERE TO ENTER!



  1. Thank you for the awesome giveaway.

  2. I entered your giveaway (2missbeautiful on youtube).

    When does it end? Where are you going to announce the winners, on your blog or on youtube?

    Thank you. :*

  3. It ends on December 20th. I will announce the winners on Youtube and on Twitter!
    Thanks for entering :)

  4. Amazing giveaway! I hope im the lucky one to win lol I subscribed and liked and comment (MayraBarragan90)

  5. Hi, I'm Nicole from Romanian Princess. I have just been looking at some blogs and I LOVE yours! I'm your newest follower. If you would like, PLEASE stop by my blog and check it out. If you like it, please follow, or at lease leave a little comment! That would be GREAT! XoXo Nicole Mariana

  6. You have an awesome giveaway going on hun ! Would love to be the lucky winner! Check out my blog !

    ps i followed!

  7. Literally just followed your blog, but I'm already loving it (: awesome giveaway, about to go follow on YT xox

  8. entered your giveaway on youtube... its pretty cool


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