Friday, July 29, 2011

Top tips to get rid of acne scars!

So having acne sucks, and as if that isn't enough you are left with ugly scars afterwards. I have had to deal with this several times so I have developed the best way for me to get rid of them. Since I know alot of people have the same issue I thought I would share my routine for eliminating acne scars!

Here are the steps:

1. Exfoliate!
This is crucial because by exfoliating you are getting rid of all the dead cells on your skin and uncovering newer, clearer skin.
You could use a stronger scrub 3 times a week but what I like to do is use a more gentle daily scrub everyday. This has given me much better results.

2. Use a clarifying lotion!
This is kind of like exfoliating as well but instead of manually you are doing it with chemicals. I use the Clinique clarifying lotion #2. When you use this with a cotton pad the first couple of times you will notice a brown residue on it. It's not dirt (if you have washed your face properly) it's actually dead skin cells!

3. Use sunscreen!
If you skip this step you will never see your scars lighten up! The sun's rays will darker those spots on your skin and make it extremly difficult to remove. Use at least spf 30. I like to use a sunscreen formulated for oily skin and spf 45. Not only is sunscreen a great tool for preventing your scars from getting darker but it's also great for preventing wrinkles, sun spots and skin cancer!

These are the thing that have worked for me but may no work for everybody else. What are your tips for lightening acne scars?

XOXO from Vanilla Pop <3

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