Thursday, September 8, 2011

beauty Tip of the Week: Frizzy hair remedy!

This week's beauty tip is something I learned not to long ago from a friend. I tried it and fell in love with the resluts.

It is an apple cider vinegar rinse that helps to tame frizzy hair.

How to make it:

Mix equal parts of the vinegar with water. Soak your hair with this at the end of your shower. Allow the hair rinse to sit in your hair for about 2 or 3 minutes and rinse well.

This makes your hair really smooth and calms your frizzy locks. Apple cider vinegar is great for hair, if you are a brunnette this will actually help to enhance your hair color. This kind of vinegar is also great for giving the hair a nice shine.

* I don't recommend this for blonds.



  1. Do you know if this is okay with dyed hair? I've been wanting to try this, but I'm scared it'll ruin it. I'm a natural brunette, but I dyed it blonde quite a bit. I've dyed it close to my original color, but the brunette dye is fading. I have enough frizz to want to try it anyways too. Any tips?

  2. Hey! I have actually heard this is good to do on colored hair so if I were you I wouldn't risk it. Another great tip for getting rid of frizz is mixing yogurt, honey and almond oil. Leave it in for about 30 min. It really works wonders for me :)


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