Thursday, September 1, 2011

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation Review

I have had this foundation a pretty long time now and I used it for a while. This is one of those drugstore products that almost everyone has tried at some point and most people have really different opinions about it. The reason I got this foundation was because of its matte effect. I was also really intrigued by the mousse texture.

The first problem I encountered with this foundation was that I didn’t get the right shade :/. I got it in the winter months so my skin was lighter and I managed to make it look ok by applying some bronzed pressed powder. However as the summer months came along I started to get tan and there was just no matching this to my skin tone. I got it in the shade Pure Beige Medium 2; this shade has a pink undertone which was also a problem since I have yellow undertones.
But putting aside the whole wrong shade problem here’s what I think about the product:

*It has a very matte finish so it’s great for oilier skin types.
*You get the most beautiful airbrushed effect from this foundation.
*Ultra light weight, you feel like you have nothing on your face at all!
*Buildable coverage
*Great price

*The packaging, I really don’t like foundations that you have to actually stick your finger in the jar, it’s just not sanitary and can lead to spreading zit causing infections on your face. (Read below for my solution to this problem).
*Doesn’t last throughout the day (although I have very oily skin and never used a primer with this so that may be the reason why it doesn’t last too long for me, it might be different for others).
*Tricky to apply. When I first got this I really had no idea to put it on. (Application methods below)

Verdict: Overall it is an ok foundation especially when you consider the price. My favorite aspect is the beautiful finish it gives your skin but I really wish I was packaged differently and that it lasted longer on my skin like other foundations I have tried(even without primer).

Extra details:

Solution to packaging problem: I came up with a way to use this so that is more sanitary.
Use a wooden Popsicle stick and scoop out the amount you will be using, then place it on either the back of your hand or the lid of the product. This way your finger never gets in the jar and you don’t contaminate the rest of the product!

Application methods:

Fingers: this is the first way I tried to apply it. It works well if you are looking for a light coverage. It looks very natural when you do this but it’s not enough to cover up problem areas.
Regular foundation brush: This was my second method; this gives you very thick coverage but almost cakey. I feel like it just sits on top of your skin this way and looks kind of unnatural.

Kabuki brush: This is my favorite way of applying it. I use a small kabuki and I stipple it into my skin and then buff it out. This also helps with that airbrush finish I mentioned before.

** Using it as a concealer: So I now have a new foundation but I still have quite a bit of product left and didn’t want it to go to waste. I read that this foundation worked just as good as the now discontinued Dream Matte Mousse Concealer. Since this is a lighter shade for me it’s the perfect use to give it! I love how it covers my under eye circles and any blemishes. I actually like this A LOT better as a concealer than as a foundation so if you really like the concealer that is discontinued don’t fret, get the foundation a shade lighter, works just as good!

As a foundation I give this 3 ½ stars!
As a concealer I give this 5 stars!

Have you ever used this foundation? If so, what do you think?


  1. I used this all the time at college! Havent tried it again for a few years though, i think it might be too dry for me now!

  2. great post :) it was really helpful!

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this product. I had looked at it for an inexpensive alternative to the pricier foundations I usually get. Maybe I will try it as a concealer. I am pretty fair, so if it worked for you, I'm sure it would work for me! Thanks :)

  4. This was the first foundation I ever tried and it broke me out. :( It also caked up really often!

  5. would have loved to see how it looks on u.. :) but thanks for the review!

  6. Great tips! I've wanted to try this product, but i wasn't sure how i felt about sticking my hand in the jar... just seems gross!

  7. Glad you girls found the review helpful! I love hearing what everybody has to say about the same product! Sad to hear two of you broke out from this :(

  8. I am a new follower please follow me back thanks so much


  9. I love this product! I'm glad you found a new use for it. I've been applying it with a makeup sponge but I think I'll try stippling it.


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